Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance Services

Self Reliance Solutions Inc. provides cleaning and maintenance services across Toronto.

Self Reliance Solutions Inc. (SRS), formerly known as Self Reliance Workers' Co-op, is a commercial cleaning and repair service company that started back in the late 1990s by a few Regent Park tenants under the guidance of the Toronto Christian Resource Center (CRC), as a special community initiative to provide job opportunities for marginalized members in Toronto, many of which live in the rent-geared-to-income units at Toronto Community Housing in Regent Park. Today, the business is run independently by Regent Park tenants and employs over 20 individuals from the community.

We provide all-in-one comprehensive cleaning, repair and renovation services. As well, our services are available on short notice to give our customers the flexibility they need for their time-sensitive projects.

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